Second Round of H-1B Lottery and Passport Processing Delays

1.   USCIS Conducts Second H-1B lottery

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services has conducted a second H-1B lottery. The agency determined that extra H-1Bs existed which were not used in the first FY 2022 lottery conducted this past March, and thus yesterday USCIS selected additional previously submitted electronic registrations using a random selection process. For those registrations selected on July 28, the winning employers may file the H-1B petition from August 2—November 3. Employers should check their myUSCIS account to see if their H-1B lottery registration was selected. Our firm will checking as well, and notifying the winners.

For those that have not won the H-1B lottery and may be running out of status, our firm is very busy helping with O-1, E-2, and cap-exempt H-1B petitions. Please call us to discuss.

2.   U.S. Citizens: check your passport expiration date!

The United States is seeing new records in travel as a result of so many U.S. citizens being vaccinated. We receive daily phone calls from clients who are realizing that their U.S. passport has expired, and they cannot get an expedited renewal. The U.S. Passport Office is recommending that U.S. citizens renew passports at least four months prior to travel, as the backlog is huge. At a recent meeting our office had with our U.S. Congressman, he told us that the number one request his office is receiving is for help to renew a U.S. passport. There is little that can be done on short time, so we urge all U.S. citizens to check their passport expiration dates and file for a renewal well before it is needed.

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